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IFAD Group is rooted in the very development of the country of Bangladesh. We have advanced hand-in-hand with the progress of the country itself, catering to the nation's need for transportation, food and industrial expansion. Unwavering in our promise for customer satisfaction through superior product quality, we have thrived for over three decades and shall remain committed to improving the lives of all our stakeholders.

Iftekhar Ahmed Tipu
IFAD Group

Ifad Autos

Our purpose is to provide the nation with reliable modes of transportation and serve the logistical and operational goals of our clients to maintain their highest profitability. Since 1985 IFAD Autos Ltd. has served the transportation needs of Bangladesh operating as the sole dealer of Ashok Leyland of India to provide a massive range of commercial vehicles
including trucks, buses and special application vehicles.

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Ifad Motors

Since 2020 Apollo tires are marketed in Bangladesh by IFAD Motors LTD. with a retail network of 160 dealers that span across the country. Apollo tires are manufactured in India and Europe and are available across all categories, including commercial, passenger vehicles, two-wheelers, farm, and industrial.


IFAD Motors Limited is the exclusive distributor of Royal Enfield in Bangladesh. The Royal Enfield brand, including its British heritage, is the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production. Royal Enfield currently sells motorcycles in more than 50 countries.

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Ifad Multi Products

IFAD Multi Products Ltd. is a leading FMCG manufacturer and distributor in Bangladesh. The product range includes flour, biscuits, noodles, extruded snacks, cakes, and chips - along with many other products that are continually developed adapting to consumer tastes at home and abroad.

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Ifad Home Care

IFAD Home Care Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of personal and household care products. IHCL's product range includes dishwashing detergents, floor cleaners, disinfecting cleaners, hand wash, and various other detergents. Our processes at IHCL exemplify social and environmental awareness.

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Ifad Enterprises

IFAD Enterprises Ltd. is involved in many projects ranging from the supply of power equipment to various capital machinery, including many ventures with the government of Bangladesh. The company is the sole distributor of ELGI Equipments (India) which serves industrial air compressors across the nation, gaining recognition as one of the major market players in the industry.

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Ifad Auto Services

IFAD Auto Services Ltd. was established in 2018 to provide comprehensive after-sales support for commercial vehicles - ensured by over 350 retail parts outlets, 10 authorized service stations, 1700 authorized mechanics, and 20 vehicle service centers across Bangladesh.

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IFAD Information and Technology is an IT solutions provider that specializes in Vehicle Management Systems. Services include vehicle GPS tracking, security surveillance, document management and customizable dashboards

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IFAD Salt & Chemical Ltd.

Since 2008 IFAD Salt and Chemical Industries Ltd. has been operating as an established supplier of salt in Bangladesh, producing both consumer and industrial grade, following a thorough refining process that attributes to its superior quality. The state-of-the-art mechanical salt refining plant is located in Keraniganj and has an annual output capacity of
over 3000MT.

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Gulf Oil Bangladesh

IFAD Autos Ltd and Gulf Oil International entered a Joint Venture to serve the Bangladesh market as Gulf Oil Bangladesh. The establishment of a blending plant is currently underway at Mireshorai Economic Zone, which will also serve the local demand and regional export market.

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