This range of compressors are ideal for mounting on drill rigs or utility trucks and suited for applications like water well drilling. Elgi is one of the few companies in the world to offer the full line of single and two stage compressors in this range. Elgi compressors are widely used by drill rig OEMs globally.


  • CBM/oil & gas exploration
  • Construction & mining
  • Water well drilling


  • Forklift slots provided for ease of placing unit on a utility truck or drill rig unit
  • Centralized control panel for ease of use
  • Engines come with international warranty
  • Large access doors for ease of maintenance
  • Complete range covering single stage models up to 250 psi and two stage models above 250 psi
  • Galvanized steel and powder coated canopy for corrosion resistance
  • Energy efficient eta V profile air ends
  • Highly reliable and works in the most demanding of work sites
Model Capacity Pressure Engine Dry Weight Dimension
Model Capacitym3/min Pressurecfm Enginebar g Dry Weightpsi g Dimension ModelKgs Capacitylength Pressurewidth Engineheight
Dry WeightPG 475s-150 Dimension13.5 Model475 Capacity10.3 Pressure150 Engine6BTA 5.9, Cummins Dry Weight1900 Dimension2785 Model1100 Capacity1785
PressurePG 600s-200 Engine17.0 Dry Weight600 Dimension13.8 Model200 Capacity6CTA 8.3, Cummins Pressure2700 Engine3190 Dry Weight1675 Dimension1620
ModelPG 650s-200 Capacity18.4 Pressure650 Engine13.8 Dry Weight200 Dimension6CTA 8.3, Cummins Model2860 Capacity3125 Pressure1850 Engine2120
Dry WeightPG 900s-200 Dimension25.5 Model900 Capacity13.8 Pressure200 Engine NTA855BC, Cummins Dry Weight5200 Dimension4565 Model2290 Capacity2370
PressurePG 900s – 350 Engine25.5 Dry Weight900 Dimension24.2 Model350 Capacity NTA855BC,  Cummins Pressure5200 Engine4565 Dry Weight2290 Dimension2370
ModelPG 1000s – 275 Capacity28.3 Pressure1000 Engine19.0 Dry Weight275 Dimension NTA855BC, Cummins Model5200 Capacity4565 Pressure2290 Engine2370
Dry WeightPG 1100s – 300 Dimension31.1 Model1100 Capacity20.7 Pressure300 Engine NTA855BC, Cummins Dry Weight5200 Dimension4565 Model2290 Capacity2370
PressurePG 1200s – Combo 350 Engine34 Dry Weight1200 Dimension24.2 Model325/350 Capacity NTA855BC, Cummins Pressure5200 Engine4800 Dry Weight2290 Dimension1950