Elgi’s EN Series screw compressors are designed to encapsulate all functional components of the compressor within a common housing. With a small footprint, high reliability and low maintenance requirements, these compressors are ideal for industrial applications where size, efficiency and cost matter.


  • Textiles
  • Food processing
  • Paper
  • Automotive
  • Small machining and fabrication workshops


  • Energy efficient air end
  • Compact footprint and low running noise
  • Reliable and low running cost
  • Models available as base/mounted variants and also with side mounted drier
  • 2.2kW to 5.5kW are available with 220L receiver and 7.5 to 15kW are available with 270L receiver
  • Easy monitoring of system parameters with user friendly neuron controller


50 Hz Power Working Pressure FAD Noise Level Weight* Type of Starter Tank*
50 Hz PowerKW Working PressureHP FADbar g Noise Levelcfm Weight*m3/min Type of StarterdBA Tank*Kg 60 Hz       Powerliters
     FADLength:460mm Breadth:600mm Height: 1000mm
Working PressureEN 2 Backage weight3 Noise Level4 Type of Starter7 Tank*10 50 Hz0.28 Power61 Working Pressure133 FADDOL Noise Level220
Weight*EN 2 Type of Starter3 Tank*4 60 Hz9.5       Power8      FAD0.21 Working Pressure61 Backage weight133 Noise LevelDOL Type of Starter220
Tank*EN 3 50 Hz3 Power4 Working Pressure7 FAD14 Noise Level0.38 Weight*61 Type of Starter133 Tank*DOL 60 Hz220
      PowerEN 3      FAD3 Working Pressure4 Backage weight9.5 Noise Level11 Type of Starter0.31 Tank*61 50 Hz133 PowerDOL Working Pressure220
FADEN 3 Noise Level3 Weight*4 Type of Starter12.5 Tank*9 60 Hz0.24       Power61      FAD133 Working PressureDOL Backage weight220
Noise LevelEN 4 Type of Starter4 Tank*5.5 50 Hz7 Power18 Working Pressure0.51 FAD61 Noise Level143 Weight*DOL Type of Starter220
Tank*EN 4 60 Hz4       Power5.5      FAD9.5 Working Pressure15 Backage weight0.42 Noise Level61 Type of Starter143 Tank*DOL 50 Hz220
PowerEN 4 Working Pressure4 FAD5.5 Noise Level12.5 Weight*13 Type of Starter0.36 Tank*61 60 Hz143       PowerDOL      FAD220
Working PressureEN 5 Backage weight5.5 Noise Level7.5 Type of Starter7 Tank*25 50 Hz0.69 Power64 Working Pressure150 FADDOL Noise Level220
Weight*EN 5 Type of Starter5.5 Tank*7.5 60 Hz9.5       Power20      FAD0.57 Working Pressure64 Backage weight150 Noise LevelDOL Type of Starter220
Tank*EN 5 50 Hz5.5 Power7.5 Working Pressure12.5 FAD17 Noise Level0.48 Weight*64 Type of Starter150 Tank*DOL 60 Hz220
      PowerLength:575mm Breadth:770mm Height: 1292mm
     FADEN 5x Working Pressure5.5 Backage weight7.5 Noise Level7 Type of Starter29 Tank*0.82 50 Hz66 Power250 Working PressureDOL FAD270
Noise LevelEN 5x Weight*5.5 Type of Starter7.5 Tank*9.5 60 Hz23       Power0.65      FAD66 Working Pressure250 Backage weightDOL Noise Level270
Type of StarterEN 5x Tank*5.5 50 Hz7.5 Power12.5 Working Pressure19 FAD0.54 Noise Level66 Weight*250 Type of StarterDOL Tank*270
60 HzEN 7       Power7.5      FAD10 Working Pressure7 Backage weight39 Noise Level1.1 Type of Starter66 Tank*270 50 HzDOL Power270
Working PressureEN 7 FAD7.5 Noise Level10 Weight*9.5 Type of Starter32 Tank*0.91 60 Hz66       Power270      FADDOL Working Pressure270
Backage weightEN 7 Noise Level7.5 Type of Starter10 Tank*12.5 50 Hz27 Power0.76 Working Pressure66 FAD270 Noise LevelDOL Weight*270
Type of StarterEN 11 Tank*11 60 Hz15       Power7      FAD61 Working Pressure1.71 Backage weight67 Noise Level280 Type of StarterStar  Delta Tank*270
50 HzEN 11 Power11 Working Pressure15 FAD9.5 Noise Level50 Weight*1.4 Type of Starter67 Tank*280 60 HzStar  Delta       Power270
     FADEN 11 Working Pressure11 Backage weight15 Noise Level12.5 Type of Starter43 Tank*1.22 50 Hz67 Power280 Working PressureStar  Delta FAD270
Noise LevelLength:575mm Breadth:770mm Height: 1335mm
Weight*EN 15 Type of Starter15 Tank*20 60 Hz7       Power73      FAD2.07 Working Pressure68 Backage weight320 Noise LevelStar  Delta Type of Starter270
Tank*EN 15 50 Hz15 Power20 Working Pressure9.5 FAD62 Noise Level1.76 Weight*68 Type of Starter320 Tank*Star  Delta 60 Hz270
      PowerEN 15      FAD15 Working Pressure20 Backage weight12.5 Noise Level55 Type of Starter1.56 Tank*68 50 Hz320 PowerStar  Delta Working Pressure270
FADLength: 930mm Breadth: 1150mm Height: 1450mm
Noise LevelEN 15x Weight*15 Type of Starter20 Tank*7 60 Hz89       Power2.5      FAD69 Working Pressure520 Backage weightStar  Delta Noise Level_
Type of StarterEN 15x Tank*15 50 Hz20 Power9.5 Working Pressure75 FAD2.1 Noise Level69 Weight*520 Type of StarterStar  Delta Tank*_
60 HzEN 15x       Power15      FAD20 Working Pressure12.5 Backage weight64 Noise Level1.8 Type of Starter69 Tank*520 50 HzStar  Delta Power_
Working PressureEN 18 FAD18.5 Noise Level25 Weight*7 Type of Starter108 Tank*3.1 60 Hz69       Power558      FADStar  Delta Working Pressure_
Backage weightEN 18 Noise Level18.5 Type of Starter25 Tank*9.5 50 Hz93 Power2.6 Working Pressure69 FAD558 Noise LevelStar  Delta Weight*_
Type of StarterEN 18 Tank*18.5 60 Hz25       Power12.5      FAD76 Working Pressure2.2 Backage weight69 Noise Level558 Type of StarterStar  Delta Tank*_
50 HzEN 22 Power22 Working Pressure30 FAD7 Noise Level127 Weight*3.6 Type of Starter69 Tank*610 60 HzStar  Delta       Power_
     FADEN 22 Working Pressure22 Backage weight30 Noise Level9.5 Type of Starter108 Tank*3.1 50 Hz69 Power610 Working PressureStar  Delta FAD_
Noise LevelEN 22 Weight*22 Type of Starter30 Tank*12.5 60 Hz92       Power2.6      FAD69 Working Pressure610 Backage weightStar  Delta Noise Level_
Type of StarterEN 30 Tank*30 50 Hz40 Power7 Working Pressure152 FAD4.3 Noise Level69 Weight*678 Type of StarterStar  Delta Tank*_
60 HzEN 30       Power30      FAD40 Working Pressure9.5 Backage weight127 Noise Level3.6 Type of Starter69 Tank*678 50 HzStar  Delta Power_
Working PressureEN 30 FAD30 Noise Level40 Weight*12.5 Type of Starter106 Tank*3 60 Hz69       Power678      FADStar  Delta Working Pressure_
Backage weightLength: 1250mm Breadth: 1025mm Height: 1650mm
Noise LevelEN 30x Type of Starter30 Tank*40 50 Hz7 Power191 Working Pressure5.41 FAD74 Noise Level850 Weight*Star  Delta Type of Starter_
Tank*EN 30x 60 Hz30       Power40      FAD9.5 Working Pressure155 Backage weight4.39 Noise Level74 Type of Starter850 Tank*Star  Delta 50 Hz_
PowerEN 30x Working Pressure30 FAD40 Noise Level12.5 Weight*127 Type of Starter3.6 Tank*74 60 Hz850       PowerStar  Delta      FAD_
Working PressureEN 37 Backage weight37 Noise Level50 Type of Starter7 Tank*232 50 Hz6.57 Power74 Working Pressure890 FADStar  Delta Noise Level_
Weight*EN 37 Type of Starter37 Tank*50 60 Hz9.5       Power193      FAD5.47 Working Pressure74 Backage weight890 Noise LevelStar  Delta Type of Starter_
Tank*EN 37 50 Hz37 Power50 Working Pressure12.5 FAD166 Noise Level4.7 Weight*74 Type of Starter890 Tank*Star  Delta 60 Hz_
      PowerEN 45      FAD45 Working Pressure60 Backage weight7 Noise Level280 Type of Starter7.93 Tank*74 50 Hz950 PowerStar  Delta Working Pressure_
FADEN 45 Noise Level45 Weight*60 Type of Starter9.5 Tank*240 60 Hz6.8       Power74      FAD950 Working PressureStar  Delta Backage weight_
Noise LevelEN 45 Type of Starter45 Tank*60 50 Hz12.5 Power200 Working Pressure5.66 FAD74 Noise Level950 Weight*Star  Delta Type of Starter_
60 HzFree Air Delivery (FAD) is tested as per ISO 1217 : 2009 Annex C Ed.3
      PowerSound level measured as per ISO 2151, Second Edition at 1m distance in field conditions,+/-3dB(A)
     FAD** Compressors with horizontal receiver tank and dryer available as option (for models upto EN 15)
Working Pressure* Weight and dimension are for the base unit
Backage weightDue to continuous engineering improvements, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Noise LevelProduct images displayed in this brochure are only representative and may not exactly match the actual product


60 Hz       Power      FAD Working Pressure Backage weight Noise Level Type of Starter Tank*
Type of Starter Tank*HP 50 HzKW Powercfm Working Pressurem3/min FADpsi g Noise Levelbar g Weight*kg Type of StarterdBA Tank* 60 Hzliters
      PowerLength : 18” Width : 24 ” Height : 50 “
     FADEN 2 Working Pressure3 Backage weight2.2 Noise Level9.0 Type of Starter0.25 Tank*125 50 Hz8.5 Power175 Working Pressure61 FADDOL Noise Level220
Weight*EN 2 Type of Starter3 Tank*2.2 60 Hz8.2       Power0.23      FAD150 Working Pressure10.0 Backage weight175 Noise Level61 Type of StarterDOL Tank*220
50 HzEN 2 Power3 Working Pressure2.2 FAD5.7 Noise Level0.16 Weight*175 Type of Starter12.0 Tank*175 60 Hz61       PowerDOL      FAD220
Working PressureEN 3 Backage weight4 Noise Level3.0 Type of Starter12.0 Tank*0.34 50 Hz125 Power8.5 Working Pressure175 FAD61 Noise LevelDOL Weight*220
Type of StarterEN 3 Tank*4 60 Hz3.0       Power12.0      FAD0.34 Working Pressure150 Backage weight10.0 Noise Level175 Type of Starter61 Tank*DOL 50 Hz220
PowerEN 3 Working Pressure4 FAD3.0 Noise Level9.5 Weight*0.27 Type of Starter175 Tank*12.0 60 Hz175       Power61      FADDOL Working Pressure220
Backage weightEN 4 Noise Level5 Type of Starter4.0 Tank*20.4 50 Hz0.58 Power100 Working Pressure7.0 FAD192 Noise Level61 Weight*DOL Type of Starter220
Tank*EN 4 60 Hz5       Power4.0      FAD17.8 Working Pressure0.50 Backage weight125 Noise Level8.5 Type of Starter192 Tank*61 50 HzDOL Power220
Working PressureEN 4 FAD5 Noise Level4.0 Weight*16.2 Type of Starter0.46 Tank*150 60 Hz10.0       Power192      FAD61 Working PressureDOL Backage weight220
Noise LevelEN 4 Type of Starter5 Tank*4.0 50 Hz15.0 Power0.42 Working Pressure175 FAD12.0 Noise Level192 Weight*61 Type of StarterDOL Tank*220
60 HzEN 5       Power7.5      FAD5.5 Working Pressure28.1 Backage weight0.80 Noise Level100 Type of Starter7.0 Tank*192 50 Hz64 PowerDOL Working Pressure220
FADEN 5 Noise Level7.5 Weight*5.5 Type of Starter24.3 Tank*0.69 60 Hz125       Power8.5      FAD192 Working Pressure64 Backage weightDOL Noise Level220
Type of StarterEN 5 Tank*7.5 50 Hz5.5 Power22.0 Working Pressure0.62 FAD150 Noise Level10.0 Weight*192 Type of Starter64 Tank*DOL 60 Hz220
      PowerEN 5      FAD7.5 Working Pressure5.5 Backage weight19.8 Noise Level0.56 Type of Starter175 Tank*12.0 50 Hz192 Power64 Working PressureDOL FAD220
Noise LevelLength : 30 ” Width : 31″ Height : 53 “
Weight*EN 7 Type of Starter10 Tank*7.5 60 Hz42.0       Power1.19      FAD100 Working Pressure7.0 Backage weight268 Noise Level66 Type of StarterDOL Tank*270
50 HzEN 7 Power10 Working Pressure7.5 FAD38.0 Noise Level1.08 Weight*125 Type of Starter8.5 Tank*268 60 Hz66       PowerDOL      FAD270
Working PressureEN 7 Backage weight10 Noise Level7.5 Type of Starter34.0 Tank*0.96 50 Hz150 Power10.0 Working Pressure268 FAD66 Noise LevelDOL Weight*270
Type of StarterEN 7 Tank*10 60 Hz7.5       Power30.0      FAD0.85 Working Pressure175 Backage weight12.0 Noise Level268 Type of Starter66 Tank*DOL 50 Hz270
PowerEN 11 Working Pressure15 FAD11 Noise Level62.0 Weight*1.76 Type of Starter100 Tank*7.0 60 Hz282       Power67      FADWye-Delta Working Pressure270
Backage weightEN 11 Noise Level15 Type of Starter11 Tank*55.0 50 Hz1.56 Power125 Working Pressure8.5 FAD282 Noise Level67 Weight*Wye-Delta Type of Starter270
Tank*EN 11 60 Hz15       Power11      FAD50.5 Working Pressure1.43 Backage weight150 Noise Level10.0 Type of Starter282 Tank*67 50 HzWye-Delta Power270
Working PressureEN 11 FAD15 Noise Level11 Weight*45.0 Type of Starter1.27 Tank*175 60 Hz12.0       Power282      FAD67 Working PressureWye-Delta Backage weight270
Noise LevelLength : 30 ” Width : 31″ Height : 55 “
Type of StarterEN 15 Tank*20 50 Hz15 Power84.0 Working Pressure2.38 FAD100 Noise Level7.0 Weight*312 Type of Starter68 Tank*Wye-Delta 60 Hz270
      PowerEN 15      FAD20 Working Pressure15 Backage weight73.0 Noise Level2.07 Type of Starter125 Tank*8.5 50 Hz312 Power68 Working PressureWye-Delta FAD270
Noise LevelEN 15 Weight*20 Type of Starter15 Tank*67.0 60 Hz1.90       Power150      FAD10.0 Working Pressure312 Backage weight68 Noise LevelWye-Delta Type of Starter270
Tank*EN 15 50 Hz20 Power15 Working Pressure62.0 FAD1.76 Noise Level175 Weight*12.0 Type of Starter312 Tank*68 60 HzWye-Delta       Power270
     FADLength : 37 ” Width : 45″ Height : 63 “
Working PressureEN 15 x Backage weight20 Noise Level15 Type of Starter93 Tank*2.63 50 Hz100 Power7.0 Working Pressure175 FAD69 Noise LevelWye-Delta Weight*NA
Type of StarterEN 15 x Tank*20 60 Hz15       Power82      FAD2.32 Working Pressure125 Backage weight8.5 Noise Level175 Type of Starter69 Tank*Wye-Delta 50 HzNA
PowerEN 15 x Working Pressure20 FAD15 Noise Level74 Weight*2.10 Type of Starter150 Tank*10.0 60 Hz175       Power69      FADWye-Delta Working PressureNA
Backage weightEN 15 x Noise Level20 Type of Starter15 Tank*69 50 Hz1.95 Power175 Working Pressure12.0 FAD175 Noise Level69 Weight*Wye-Delta Type of StarterNA
Tank*EN 18 60 Hz25       Power18.5      FAD113 Working Pressure3.20 Backage weight100 Noise Level7.0 Type of Starter175 Tank*69 50 HzWye-Delta PowerNA
Working PressureEN 18 FAD25 Noise Level18.5 Weight*102 Type of Starter2.89 Tank*125 60 Hz8.5       Power175      FAD69 Working PressureWye-Delta Backage weightNA
Noise LevelEN 18 Type of Starter25 Tank*18.5 50 Hz93 Power2.63 Working Pressure150 FAD10.0 Noise Level192 Weight*69 Type of StarterWye-Delta Tank*NA
60 HzEN 18       Power25      FAD18.5 Working Pressure82 Backage weight2.32 Noise Level175 Type of Starter12.0 Tank*192 50 Hz69 PowerWye-Delta Working PressureNA
FADEN 22 Noise Level30 Weight*22 Type of Starter132 Tank*3.74 60 Hz100       Power7.0      FAD192 Working Pressure69 Backage weightWye-Delta Noise LevelNA
Type of StarterEN 22 Tank*30 50 Hz22 Power118 Working Pressure3.34 FAD125 Noise Level8.5 Weight*192 Type of Starter69 Tank*Wye-Delta 60 HzNA
      PowerEN 22      FAD30 Working Pressure22 Backage weight107 Noise Level3.03 Type of Starter150 Tank*10.0 50 Hz192 Power69 Working PressureWye-Delta FADNA
Noise LevelEN 22 Weight*30 Type of Starter22 Tank*96 60 Hz2.72       Power175      FAD12.0 Working Pressure192 Backage weight69 Noise LevelWye-Delta Type of StarterNA
Tank*EN 22 50 Hz40 Power30 Working Pressure155 FAD1.39 Noise Level100 Weight*7.0 Type of Starter192 Tank*69 60 HzWye-Delta       PowerNA
     FADEN 30 Working Pressure40 Backage weight30 Noise Level138 Type of Starter3.91 Tank*125 50 Hz8.5 Power192 Working Pressure69 FADWye-Delta Noise LevelNA
Weight*EN 30 Type of Starter40 Tank*30 60 Hz126       Power3.57      FAD150 Working Pressure10.0 Backage weight192 Noise Level69 Type of StarterWye-Delta Tank*NA
50 HzEN 30 Power40 Working Pressure30 FAD117 Noise Level3.31 Weight*175 Type of Starter12.0 Tank*192 60 Hz69       PowerWye-Delta      FADNA
Working PressureNote:
Backage weightFree Air Delivery(FAD) is tested as per ISO 1217 : 2009 Annex.C Ed.3
Noise LevelSound level measures as per ISO 2151, Second Edition at 1m distance in field conditions, +/- 3dB(A)
Type of Starter** Compressors with horizontal receiver tank and dryer available as option (for models up to EN 15)
Tank**Weight and dimension are for the base unit.
50 HzDue to continuous improvements, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice