About Us

Welcome to IFAD Enterprises Ltd.

For the past three decades IFAD Enterprises has historically undertaken various operations both in private and public sector. Most recent and noteworthy has been the supply of Double Deckers, A/C buses and Vestibule (Articulated) Buses to BRTC.

Since 2002, IFAD had also taken up the sole dealership of ELGI Equipments of India, and since then has taken a commanding position in the Industrial Air Compressor Industry in Bangladesh. In the last 12 years, we have supplied and installed over 2500 units of compressors and air dryers in factories all across Bangladesh. We stand out in offering products that provide uncompromising dry air quality, certified by CE and endorsed by a user list of the top corporations in Bangladesh.

We offer air compressors ranging from 7.5kW to 250kW – covered by Reciprocating (Piston-type), Screw Type, Oil injected & Oil Free and Diesel Driven mobile compressor systems.

Your decision to make an investment in ELGI machines are justified by our after-sales service – that assures the longevity and performance that secures positive return on your investment. Our service support reach is nation wide and all OEM spare parts available with us at your ready order.

Inquire with us at (02) 9614387, (02) 9667015, contact@ifadgroup.com