The EG series compressors represent a giant leap in design and performance with each component designed for reliability and ease of maintenance. The compressor is manufactured in compliance with applicable international standards (CE , ASME, UL and others) and designed as per the international quality standards. These new generation compressors significantly reduce operating costs and provide cost savings with fast return on investment.


  • Cement
  • Textiles
  • Paper & pulp
  • Machine tool shops
  • Steel making
  • Food processing
  • Automotive
  • Oil carry over less than 1ppm
  • Grouped service points ensure easy access to components for maintenance
  • Optimized cooler design and cooling fans ensure low running temperatures
  • Versatile neuron II micro controller provides easy diagnostics of system parameters
  • Models available as bare units/side located drier/variable speed drive variants
  • Energy efficient eta profile air ends & gear drive to reduce energy consumption
  • Wide range of accessories – vertical air receivers, driers, automated supply side controller and variable frequency drives to meet diverse operating conditions


 50 Hz Power Capacity Working Pressure Max Pressure Weight Noise Levels
 50 Hz Power KW Capacity HP Working Pressure m3/min Max Pressure cfm Weight bar g Noise Levels psi g 60 Hz bar g Power psi g Capacity Kg Working Pressure dBA
Package WeightEG 90-5.5 Noise Level90  50 Hz125 Power16.7 Capacity590 Working Pressure4.5 Max Pressure65 Weight5.5 Noise Levels80 60 Hz2700 Power75
CapacityEG 90-8 Working Pressure90 Package Weight125 Noise Level16.6  50 Hz585 Power7 Capacity102 Working Pressure8 Max Pressure116 Weight2700 Noise Levels75
60 HzEG 90-9 Power90 Capacity125 Working Pressure15.2 Package Weight538 Noise Level8  50 Hz116 Power9 Capacity130.5 Working Pressure2700 Max Pressure75
WeightEG 90-11 Noise Levels90 60 Hz125 Power13.3 Capacity470 Working Pressure10 Package Weight145 Noise Level11  50 Hz159.5 Power2700 Capacity75
Working PressureEG 110-5.5 Max Pressure110 Weight150 Noise Levels19.9 60 Hz706 Power4.5 Capacity65 Working Pressure5.5 Package Weight80 Noise Level3100  50 Hz75
PowerEG 110-8 Capacity110 Working Pressure150 Max Pressure19.8 Weight706 Noise Levels7 60 Hz102 Power8 Capacity116 Working Pressure3100 Package Weight75
Noise LevelEG 110-9  50 Hz110 Power150 Capacity18.4 Working Pressure649 Max Pressure8 Weight116 Noise Levels9 60 Hz130.5 Power3100 Capacity75
Working PressureEG 110-11 Package Weight110 Noise Level150  50 Hz16.4 Power580 Capacity10 Working Pressure145 Max Pressure11 Weight159.5 Noise Levels3100 60 Hz75
PowerEG 132-5.5 Capacity132 Working Pressure175 Package Weight24.3 Noise Level858  50 Hz4.5 Power65 Capacity5.5 Working Pressure80 Max Pressure3400 Weight75
Noise LevelsEG 132-8 60 Hz132 Power175 Capacity24.2 Working Pressure855 Package Weight7 Noise Level102  50 Hz8 Power116 Capacity3400 Working Pressure75
Max PressureEG 132-9 Weight132 Noise Levels175 60 Hz22.4 Power791 Capacity8 Working Pressure116 Package Weight9 Noise Level130.5  50 Hz3400 Power75
CapacityEG 132-11 Working Pressure132 Max Pressure175 Weight20.1 Noise Levels710 60 Hz10 Power145 Capacity11 Working Pressure159.5 Package Weight3400 Noise Level75
 50 HzEG 160-5.5 Power160 Capacity200 Working Pressure29.1 Max Pressure1030 Weight4.5 Noise Levels65 60 Hz5.5 Power80 Capacity3700 Working Pressure75
Package WeightEG 160-8 Noise Level160  50 Hz200 Power29.1 Capacity1026 Working Pressure7 Max Pressure102 Weight8 Noise Levels116 60 Hz3700 Power75
CapacityEG 160-9 Working Pressure160 Package Weight200 Noise Level27  50 Hz954 Power8 Capacity116 Working Pressure9 Max Pressure130.5 Weight3700 Noise Levels75
60 HzEG 160-11 Power160 Capacity200 Working Pressure24.05 Package Weight850 Noise Level10  50 Hz145 Power11 Capacity159.5 Working Pressure3700 Max Pressure75
Noise LevelsFree Air Delivery(FAD) is tested as per ISO 1217 : 2009 Annex.C Ed.3
60 HzAll models are available in air-cooled and water-cooled variants
PowerMax pressure or unload pressure of all models is 1 bar above the working pressure i.e. For a E 90-8 working pressure is 7 bar and max. pressure is 8 bar
CapacityFAD indicated is for the full package measured at the outlet after moisture separator
Working PressureSound level measured as per ISO 2151 Second Edition at 1m distance in field conditions +/-3dB(A)
Package WeightDue to continuous improvements the specifications are subject to change without prior notice


60 Hz Power Capacity Working Pressure Package Weight Noise Level
Noise Level  50 HzHP PowerKW Capacitycfm Working Pressurem3/min Max Pressurepsi g Weightbar g Noise Levelskg 60 HzdBA
PowerLength : 1422mm Breadth : 711mm Height : 1473mm
CapacityEG11-100 Working Pressure15 Package Weight11 Noise Level71  50 Hz2.01 Power100 Capacity7 Working Pressure534 Max Pressure69
WeightEG11-125 Noise Levels15 60 Hz11 Power65 Capacity1.84 Working Pressure125 Package Weight8.5 Noise Level534  50 Hz69
PowerEG11-150 Capacity15 Working Pressure11 Max Pressure68 Weight1.64 Noise Levels150 60 Hz10 Power534 Capacity69
Working PressureEG11-175 Package Weight15 Noise Level11  50 Hz49 Power1.39 Capacity175 Working Pressure12 Max Pressure534 Weight69
Noise LevelsEG15-100 60 Hz20 Power15 Capacity92 Working Pressure2.61 Package Weight100 Noise Level7  50 Hz564 Power69
CapacityEG15-125 Working Pressure20 Max Pressure15 Weight86 Noise Levels2.42 60 Hz125 Power8.5 Capacity564 Working Pressure69
Package WeightEG15-150 Noise Level20  50 Hz15 Power78 Capacity2.21 Working Pressure150 Max Pressure10 Weight564 Noise Levels69
60 HzEG15-175 Power20 Capacity15 Working Pressure69 Package Weight1.95 Noise Level175  50 Hz12 Power564 Capacity69
Working PressureEG 18-100 Max Pressure25 Weight18 Noise Levels116 60 Hz3.28 Power100 Capacity7 Working Pressure677 Package Weight69
Noise LevelEG18-125  50 Hz25 Power18 Capacity105 Working Pressure2.97 Max Pressure125 Weight8.5 Noise Levels677 60 Hz69
PowerEG18-150 Capacity25 Working Pressure18 Package Weight92 Noise Level2.60  50 Hz150 Power10 Capacity677 Working Pressure69
Max PressureEG18-175 Weight25 Noise Levels18 60 Hz80 Power2.27 Capacity175 Working Pressure12 Package Weight677 Noise Level69
 50 HzEG 22-100 Power30 Capacity22 Working Pressure138 Max Pressure3.90 Weight100 Noise Levels7 60 Hz699 Power69
CapacityEG 22-125 Working Pressure30 Package Weight22 Noise Level130  50 Hz3.68 Power125 Capacity8.5 Working Pressure699 Max Pressure69
WeightEG22-150 Noise Levels30 60 Hz22 Power112 Capacity3.17 Working Pressure150 Package Weight10 Noise Level699  50 Hz69
PowerEG22-175 Capacity30 Working Pressure22 Max Pressure95 Weight2.69 Noise Levels175 60 Hz12 Power699 Capacity69
Working PressureLength : 1701mm Breadth : 1117mm Height : 1575mm
Package WeightEG 30-100 Noise Level40  50 Hz30 Power201 Capacity5.69 Working Pressure100 Max Pressure7 Weight1048 Noise Levels68
60 HzEG 30-125 Power40 Capacity30 Working Pressure170 Package Weight4.81 Noise Level125  50 Hz8.5 Power1048 Capacity68
Working PressureEG 30-150 Max Pressure40 Weight30 Noise Levels150 60 Hz4.25 Power150 Capacity10 Working Pressure1048 Package Weight68
Noise LevelEG 30-175  50 Hz40 Power30 Capacity136 Working Pressure3.85 Max Pressure175 Weight12 Noise Levels1048 60 Hz68
PowerEG 37-100 Capacity50 Working Pressure37 Package Weight247 Noise Level6.99  50 Hz100 Power7 Capacity1068 Working Pressure68
Max PressureEG 37-125 Weight50 Noise Levels37 60 Hz206 Power5.83 Capacity125 Working Pressure8.5 Package Weight1068 Noise Level68
 50 HzEG 37-150 Power50 Capacity37 Working Pressure192 Max Pressure5.44 Weight150 Noise Levels10 60 Hz1068 Power68
CapacityEG 37-175 Working Pressure50 Package Weight37 Noise Level171  50 Hz4.84 Power175 Capacity12 Working Pressure1068 Max Pressure68
WeightEG 45-100 Noise Levels60 60 Hz45 Power300 Capacity8.49 Working Pressure100 Package Weight7 Noise Level1236  50 Hz68
PowerEG 45-125 Capacity60 Working Pressure45 Max Pressure253 Weight7.16 Noise Levels125 60 Hz8.5 Power1236 Capacity68
Working PressureEG 45-150 Package Weight60 Noise Level45  50 Hz221 Power6.26 Capacity150 Working Pressure10 Max Pressure1236 Weight68
Noise LevelsEG 45-175 60 Hz60 Power45 Capacity197 Working Pressure5.58 Package Weight175 Noise Level12  50 Hz1236 Power68
CapacityLength :1956mm Breadth : 1270mm Height : 1753mm
Working PressureEG 55-100 Max Pressure75 Weight55 Noise Levels375 60 Hz10.62 Power100 Capacity7 Working Pressure1660 Package Weight69
Noise LevelEG 55-125  50 Hz75 Power55 Capacity327 Working Pressure9.26 Max Pressure125 Weight8.5 Noise Levels1660 60 Hz69
PowerEG 55-150 Capacity75 Working Pressure55 Package Weight283 Noise Level8.01  50 Hz150 Power10 Capacity1660 Working Pressure69
Max PressureEG 55-175 Weight75 Noise Levels55 60 Hz262 Power7.42 Capacity175 Working Pressure12 Package Weight1660 Noise Level69
 50 HzLength :2957mm Breadth : 1270mm Height : 1956mm
PowerEG 75-100 Capacity100 Working Pressure75 Max Pressure515 Weight14.58 Noise Levels100 60 Hz7 Power1970 Capacity69
Working PressureEG 75-125 Package Weight100 Noise Level75  50 Hz445 Power12.60 Capacity125 Working Pressure8.5 Max Pressure1970 Weight69
Noise LevelsEG 75-150 60 Hz100 Power75 Capacity388 Working Pressure10.99 Package Weight150 Noise Level10  50 Hz1970 Power69
CapacityEG 75-175 Working Pressure100 Max Pressure75 Weight358 Noise Levels10.14 60 Hz175 Power12 Capacity1970 Working Pressure69
Package WeightLength :2819mm Breadth : 1651mm Height : 2133mm
Noise LevelEG 90-100  50 Hz125 Power90 Capacity604 Working Pressure17.10 Max Pressure100 Weight7 Noise Levels2811 60 Hz75
PowerEG 90-125 Capacity125 Working Pressure90 Package Weight536 Noise Level15.18  50 Hz125 Power8.5 Capacity2811 Working Pressure75
Max PressureEG 90-150 Weight125 Noise Levels90 60 Hz478 Power13.54 Capacity150 Working Pressure10 Package Weight2811 Noise Level75
 50 HzEG 110-100 Power150 Capacity110 Working Pressure720 Max Pressure20.39 Weight100 Noise Levels7 60 Hz2900 Power75
CapacityEG 110-125 Working Pressure150 Package Weight110 Noise Level630  50 Hz17.84 Power125 Capacity8.5 Working Pressure2900 Max Pressure75
WeightEG 110 -150 Noise Levels150 60 Hz110 Power570 Capacity16.14 Working Pressure150 Package Weight10 Noise Level2900  50 Hz75
PowerEG 160-100 Capacity200 Working Pressure160 Max Pressure975 Weight27.61 Noise Levels100 60 Hz7 Power3556 Capacity75
Working PressureEG 160-125 Package Weight200 Noise Level160  50 Hz850 Power24.07 Capacity125 Working Pressure8.5 Max Pressure3556 Weight75
Noise LevelsEG 160-150 60 Hz200 Power160 Capacity778 Working Pressure22.03 Package Weight150 Noise Level10  50 Hz3556 Power75
CapacityFree Air Delivery(FAD) is tested as per ISO 1217 : 2009 Annex.C Ed.3
Working PressureAll standard models are air-cooled
Max PressureSound level measured as per ISO 2151,Second Edition at 1m distance in field conditions, +/-3dB(A)
WeightIntegrated VFD available in select models. Please contact your nearest sales office for more details
Noise LevelsDue to continuous improvements, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice
60 HzProduct images displayed in this brochure are only representative and may not exactly match the actual product