The Elgi HN series of single & two stage compressors are known for their reliability and performance, making them the preferred choice for industrial applications. Select models are available in base mounted versions.


  • Automotive garages
  • Wood working
  • Small & medium fabrication units
  • Pneumatic tools


  • Zero leaks ensured by the use of leak proof fittings
  • Designed for industrial duty cycles
  • Slow running speed for lesser wear and tear
  • Twin sided belt guards for safety and meeting OSHA standards
  • Products available in single and two stages
Model Piston Displacement FAD Power Compressor No of Cylinders Air Receiver Dimension Weight
Model Piston Displacementlpm FADcfm Powerlpm Compressorcfm No of CylindersHP Air ReceiverKW Dimensionrpm Weight Modellitres Piston Displacement(lxbxh)mm FADkg
PowerSingle -Stage (Maximum Pressure 9kg/cm2 or 128 psi)
Compressor55 03 090 HN No of Cylinders360 Air Receiver12.7 Dimension256 Weight9 Model3 Piston Displacement2.2 FAD550 Power2 Compressor160 No of Cylinders1345x540xl085 Air Receiver205
Dimension5S 05 090 HN Weight605 Model21.4 Piston Displacement443 FAD15.6 Power5 Compressor3.7 No of Cylinders925 Air Receiver2 Dimension220 Weight1595x545xl085 Model265
Piston DisplacementS5 07 090 HN FAD921 Power32.6 Compressor708 No of Cylinders25 Air Receiver7.5 Dimension5.5 Weight690 Model2 Piston Displacement220 FAD1595x635xll15 Power307
CompressorSS 10 090 HN No of Cylinders1228 Air Receiver43.4 Dimension950 Weight33.6 Model10 Piston Displacement7.5 FAD920 Power2 Compressor220 No of Cylinders1595x635xll15 Air Receiver322
DimensionS5 10 090 HN Weight1228 Model43.4 Piston Displacement950 FAD33.6 Power10 Compressor7.5 No of Cylinders920 Air Receiver2 Dimension420 Weight1660x825x1240 Model367
Piston DisplacementSS 15 090 HN FAD1853 Power66.4 Compressor1390 No of Cylinders49.1 Air Receiver15 Dimension11 Weight925 Model3 Piston Displacement500 FAD1925x885x1515 Power514
CompressorTwo- Stage (Maximum Pressure 12kg/cm2 or 175 psi)
No of CylindersT5 03 120 HN Air Receiver311 Dimension10.7 Weight250 Model8.8 Piston Displacement3 FAD2.2 Power925 Compressor2 No of Cylinders160 Air Receiver1345x540xl085 Dimension200
WeightT5 03 120 HN Model311 Piston Displacement10.7 FAD250 Power8.8 Compressor3 No of Cylinders2.2 Air Receiver925 Dimension2 Weight220 Model1595x500xl085 Piston Displacement225
FADTS 05 120 HN Power501 Compressor17.7 No of Cylinders410 Air Receiver14.5 Dimension5 Weight3.7 Model925 Piston Displacement2 FAD220 Power1595x585xl095 Compressor240
No of CylindersTS 07 120 HN Air Receiver700 Dimension24.8 Weight580 Model20.7 Piston Displacement7.5 FAD5.5 Power1050 Compressor2 No of Cylinders220 Air Receiver1600x630x  1120 Dimension270
Weight*TS 10 120 HN Model997 Piston Displacement35.4 FAD850 Power30.1 Compressor10 No of Cylinders7.5 Air Receiver750 Dimension3 Weight220 Model1595x810x1205 Piston Displacement350
FAD*TS 10 120 HN Power997 Compressor35.4 No of Cylinders850 Air Receiver30.1 Dimension10 Weight7.5 Model750 Piston Displacement3 FAD420 Power1675x885x1350 Compressor410
No of Cylinders*TS 10 120 HN Air Receiver997 Dimension35.4 Weight850 Model30.1 Piston Displacement10 FAD7.5 Power750 Compressor3 No of Cylinders500 Air Receiver1925x885x1430 Dimension420
Weight*TS 15 120 HN Model1535 Piston Displacement54.3 FAD1250 Power44.1 Compressor15 No of Cylinders11 Air Receiver1150 Dimension3 Weight500 Model1925x885x1350 Piston Displacement470
FAD Note:
Power*Available in base mounted versions available
Compressor Free Air Delivery measured as per IS 5456 at working pressures for SS models at 7kg/cm2 and for TS models at 10kg/cm2
No of CylindersDue to contineous engineering improvements , technical specifications are subjects to change without prior notice