The compact and air cooled design of this range of non-lubricated compressors fulfils the requirements of industries that need round-the-clock oil-free air.


  • Nitrogen generation plants
  • Power generation
  • Sugar industry
  • Textiles
  • Power generation
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cement industry


  • Only air cooled compressor in its product class that saves precious cooling water
  • Compact footprint- motor & compressor occupy only 1.74 sq m of floor space
  • AVMs prevent the need for expensive foundation
  • Three pressure variants – 7, 8.5 and 10.5 bar
Model Config Piston Displacement FAD Working Pressure Power RPM Type of cooling Dimension Kg
Model Config Piston Displacementm3/hr FADcfm Working Pressurem3/hr Powercfm RPMkg/cm2 Type of coolingpsi DimensionKW KgHP Model Config Piston DisplacementLength FADWidth Working PressureHeight Power
RPMHV 25 07 0 OF Type of coolingV – TYPE Dimension228.5 Kg134.5 Model169.9 Config100 Piston Displacement7 FAD100 Working Pressure18.5 Power25 RPM1460 Type of coolingAir-Cooled Dimension1740 Kg1150 Model1250 Config655
Piston DisplacementHV 30 08 0 OF FADV – TYPE Working Pressure228.5 Power134.5 RPM168.2 Type of cooling99 Dimension8.5 Kg125 Model22 Config30 Piston Displacement1460 FADAir-Cooled Working Pressure1740 Power1150 RPM1250 Type of cooling778
DimensionHV 3010   0 OF KgV – TYPE Model228.5 Config134.5 Piston Displacement166.5 FAD98 Working Pressure10.5 Power150 RPM22 Type of cooling30 Dimension1460 KgAir-Cooled Model1740 Config1150 Piston Displacement1250 FAD778
Working PressureHV 40 07 0 OF PowerV – TYPE RPM334.7 Type of cooling197 Dimension254.9 Kg150 Model7 Config100 Piston Displacement30 FAD40 Working Pressure1470 PowerAir-Cooled RPM1735 Type of cooling1500 Dimension1310 Kg880
ModelHV 40 08 0 OF ConfigV – TYPE Piston Displacement334.7 FAD197 Working Pressure253.2 Power149 RPM8.5 Type of cooling125 Dimension30 Kg40 Model1470 ConfigAir-Cooled Piston Displacement1735 FAD1500 Working Pressure1310 Power880
RPMHV 5010   0 OF Type of coolingV – TYPE Dimension334.7 Kg197 Model249.8 Config147 Piston Displacement10.5 FAD150 Working Pressure37 Power50 RPM1475 Type of coolingAir-Cooled Dimension1800 Kg1500 Model1310 Config950
Piston DisplacementHV 50070     OF FADV – TYPE Working Pressure456,0 Power269 RPM342 Type of cooling202 Dimension7 Kg100 Model37 Config50 Piston Displacement1475 FADAir-Cooled Working Pressure2095 Power1490 RPM1308 Type of cooling1300
DimensionHV 50080     OF KgV – TYPE Model456,0 Config269 Piston Displacement340 FAD200 Working Pressure8.5 Power125 RPM37 Type of cooling50 Dimension1475 KgAir-Cooled Model2095 Config1490 Piston Displacement1308 FAD1300
Working PressureHV 6010   0 OF PowerV – TYPE RPM456,0 Type of cooling269 Dimension335 Kg197 Model10.5 Config150 Piston Displacement45 FAD60 Working Pressure1475 PowerAir-Cooled RPM2128 Type of cooling1490 Dimension1308 Kg1310
ModelHV 75 07 0 OF ConfigV – TYPE Piston Displacement669,0 FAD394 Working Pressure510 Power300 RPM7 Type of cooling100 Dimension550 Kg75 Model1480 ConfigAir-Cooled Piston Displacement2205 FAD1600 Working Pressure1220 Power1360
RPMHV 75 08 0 OF Type of coolingV – TYPE Dimension669,0 Kg394 Model506 Config298 Piston Displacement8.5 FAD125 Working Pressure55 Power75 RPM1480 Type of coolingAir-Cooled Dimension2205 Kg1600 Model1220 Config1360
Piston DisplacementNote:
FADDue to continuous improvements,the technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Working PressureNet weight is inclusive of after cooler,pipings & air receiver