These compressors are ideal for PET bottle blowing applications which operate with semi-automatic machines.


  • PET bottle blowing


  • Use of sealed safety valves ensures operational safety
  • Product available in 30 & 40 bar to suit both PET bottle blowing of different wall thickness
  • Consistent flow ensures sustained productivity of PET bottles
  • Product best suited for use in manually operated PET bottling machines
Model Power Piston Displacement FAD Compressor Working Pressure Tank Cooling Weight Dimension Air Outlet Port Size
Model PowerHP Piston DisplacementKW FADm3/min Compressorcfm Working Pressurem3/min Tankcfm Coolingstages Weightrpm Dimensionkg/cm2 Air Outlet Port Sizepsi Modelliters Power Piston Displacementkg FAD(lxbxh)mm CompressorBSP inches
Working PressureHP 15 300 Tank15 Cooling11 Weight1.17 Dimension41.27 Air Outlet Port Size0.85 Model30 Power2 Piston Displacement875 FAD30 Compressor426 Working Pressure500 TankAC Cooling740 Weight1980Xx865x1405 Dimension3/4
Air Outlet Port SizeHP 20 330S Model20 Power15 Piston Displacement1.53 FAD54 Compressor1.09 Working Pressure38 Tank2 Cooling1150 Weight33 Dimension479 Air Outlet Port Size500 ModelAC Power780 Piston Displacement1978x843x1464 FAD3/4
CompressorHP 20 330S Working Pressure20 Tank15 Cooling1.53 Weight64 Dimension1.09 Air Outlet Port Size38 Model2 Power1150 Piston Displacement33 FAD479 CompressorBM Working PressureAC Tank640 Cooling1463x775x865 Weight3/4
DimensionHP 20 330 WC Air Outlet Port Size20 Model15 Power1.54 Piston Displacement54.26 FAD1.08 Compressor38 Working Pressure2 Tank1150 Cooling33 Weight479 Dimension500 Air Outlet Port SizeWC Model780 Power1980Xx865x1405 Piston Displacement3/4
FADHP 20 400S Compressor20 Working Pressure15 Tank1.47 Cooling51.96 Weight1.05 Dimension37 Air Outlet Port Size3 Model850 Power40 Piston Displacement569 FADBM CompressorAC Working Pressure500 Tank1450x845x949 Cooling3/4 (New)
DimensionBM = Nase Mount AC = Air Cooled WC = Water Cooled
Air Outlet Port SizeFree Air Delivery measured as per IS 5456
ModelStandard model Class available F Protection with 415V. and squirrel Dtat Delta cage Starter 3 Phase