Ideal for usage in mining and construction sites where electric power is easily available. These compressors offer the benefit of quiet and emission-less operation.


  • Quarry
  • Industrial air (standby)
  • Construction & breaker, chipping hammers, cleaning, concrete boom pumps, diaphragm pumps


  • Automatic star delta starter provided
  • Products available from 22- 75kW
  • Quiet and emission free operation
  • Galvanized steel and powder coated canopy for corrosion resistance
  • Centralized contactor based control panel with 220V starting contactor
  • Tow bars designed for safe highway running
  • Centralized control panel for ease of use
  • Energy efficient eta V profile air ends
  • TEFC squirrel cage motors with class F insulation
  • Easy maneuverability allows quick turns and climbing slopes
  • Large access doors for ease of maintenance
Model Power Capacity Max Pressure Dimension
Model Power KW Capacitym3/min Max Pressure cfm Dimension bar Model psi Powerlength Capacitywidth Max Pressureheight
DimensionPG 22e – 7 Model22 Power3.7 Capacity131 Max Pressure7 Dimension100 Model2695 Power1310 Capacity1475
Max PressurePG 37e – 7 Dimension37 Model6.7 Power238 Capacity7 Max Pressure100 Dimension3140 Model1720 Power1940
CapacityPG 45e – 7 Max Pressure45 Dimension8.3 Model294 Power7 Capacity100 Max Pressure3140 Dimension1720 Model1940
PowerPG 75e – 7 Capacity75 Max Pressure14.6 Dimension490 Model7 Power100 Capacity3500 Max Pressure1860 Dimension1909
ModelPG 75e – 9.5 Power75 Capacity12.5 Max Pressure418 Dimension9.5 Model135 Power3500 Capacity1860 Max Pressure1909