The Elgi Dr. Vayu oil-free range of compressors are meant for light duty usage like dental or small laboratory equipment. Select models come with desiccant driers to meet air quality standards.


  • Precision instruments used in research labs
  • Fermenters, bacteria cultures
  • Dental


  • Plug and play system
  • Portable and mounted on wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Air receivers internally coated for corrosion resistance
  • Oil less air for applications that demand air free of impurities
  • 2 & 4 HP models available with desiccant driers for low pressure dew point applications
Model     Power Air FAD Pressure  rpm no Volt/Ph Noise Level Dimensions Model with Drier
ModelkW     PowerHP AirLiters FADlpm Pressurecfm  rpmlpm nocfm Volt/Phbar Noise Levelpsi Dimensions dBA kg Model with Drier(lXbxh )mm Model(Y/N)
    PowerSA OF 01 080 OF Air0.75 FAD1 Pressure45  rpm92 no3.25 Volt/Ph50 Noise Level1.77 Dimensions8 116 Model with Drier1450 Model1     Power230/1 Air63 +/-1.5 FAD840 x 460 x 720 Pressure53  rpmN
noOF 02 080 H Volt/Ph1.5 Noise Level2 Dimensions45 201 Model with Drier7.10 Model150     Power5.30 Air8 FAD116 Pressure1450  rpm2 no230/1 Volt/Ph75+/-3 Noise Level900 x 610 x 950 Dimensions80 Y
Model with DrierOF 02 080 WOD Model1.5     Power2 Air45 FAD201 Pressure7.10  rpm150 no5.30 Volt/Ph8 Noise Level116 Dimensions1450 2 Model with Drier230/1 Model75+/-3     Power900 x 610 x 950 Air65 FADN
PressureOF 04 080*  rpm1.5+1.5 no2+2 Volt/Ph100 Noise Level402 Dimensions14.20 300 Model with Drier10.60 Model8     Power116 Air1450 FAD2+2 Pressure230/1  rpm79 +/- 3 no1500 x 820 x 930 Volt/Ph200 Noise LevelY
DimensionsOF 04 080 WOD* 1.5+1.5 Model with Drier2+2 Model100     Power402 Air14.20 FAD300 Pressure10.60  rpm8 no116 Volt/Ph1450 Noise Level2+2 Dimensions230/1 79 +/- 3 Model with Drier1500 x 820 x 930 Model170     PowerN
FADBest suited for duty cycle of 3 minutes on and 7 minutes off in an operating cycle of 10 minutes
Pressure* Each unit has 2 compressor pumps and 2 driers
 rpmFree air delivery measured by tank filling method
noDue to continuous engineering improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Volt/PhElgi compressors are not designed/approved for breathing air applications. Elgi Equipments Limited assumes no responsibility or liability for compressors used for breathing air usage