The LG Series 1-3 HP compressors are designed for continuous duty application. These single-stage cylinder belt driven reciprocating compressors are reliable workhorses and provide an airflow range of 4-9 cfm.


  • Concrete batch plants
  • LPG dispensing units
  • Utility air in petrol pumps
  • Garages
  • Small manufacturing workshops


  • Single stage belt driven compressors
  • Slow running speeds
  • Models available in 45L, 100L and 160L receiver versions
  • Single and three phase motor options available
Model Moter Power Piston  Displacement Free Air Delivery* Comp Speed Max pressure Air Receiver Net Weight Dimensional Data
Model Moter PowerHP Piston  DisplacementKW Free Air Delivery*m3/min Comp Speedcfm Max pressurem3/min Air Receivercfm Net Weightrpm Dimensional Datakg/cm2 Modelpsi Moter Powerliters Piston  Displacementkg Free Air Delivery*(l x b x h)mm
Comp SpeedLG 01 100 Max pressure1 Air Receiver0.75 Net Weight     0.12 Dimensional Data 4.19 Model     0.06 Moter Power2.12 Piston  Displacement1200 Free Air Delivery*10 Comp Speed145 Max pressure45 Air Receiver72 Net Weight900 x 475 x 850
Dimensional DataLG 01 100 Model1 Moter Power0.75 Piston  Displacement     0.12 Free Air Delivery* 4.19 Comp Speed     0.06 Max pressure2.12 Air Receiver1200 Net Weight10 Dimensional Data145 Model100 Moter Power100 Piston  Displacement1270 x 390 x 840
Free Air Delivery*LG 11 100 Comp Speed1.5 Max pressure1.1 Air Receiver     0.16 Net Weight 5.57 Dimensional Data     0.08 Model3 Moter Power930 Piston  Displacement10 Free Air Delivery*145 Comp Speed100 Max pressure102 Air Receiver1310 x 530 x 840
Net WeightLG 02 100 Dimensional Data2 Model1.5 Moter Power     0.20 Piston  Displacement 7.06 Free Air Delivery*     0.11 Comp Speed3.89 Max pressure870 Air Receiver10 Net Weight145 Dimensional Data100 Model112 Moter Power1310 x 530 x 825
Piston  DisplacementLG 02 160 Free Air Delivery*2 Comp Speed1.5 Max pressure     0.20 Air Receiver 7.06 Net Weight     0.11 Dimensional Data3.89 Model870 Moter Power10 Piston  Displacement145 Free Air Delivery*160 Comp Speed140 Max pressure1280 x 590 x 885
Air ReceiverSS 03 E 160 Net Weight3 Dimensional Data2.2 Model     0.28 Moter Power9.99 Piston  Displacement     0.19 Free Air Delivery*6.77 Comp Speed1225 Max pressure10 Air Receiver145 Net Weight160 Dimensional Data143 Model1330 x 450 x 900
Moter PowerNote:
Piston  DisplacementFree Air Delivery measured as per IS 5456 at 7 bar
Free Air Delivery*Squirrel cage motors with IP55 protection and Class F insulation
Comp SpeedAll models are available with single-phase motors. Weight of single-phase motor units may vary by +/- 7 kg depending on models by HP
Max pressureDue to continuous engineering improvements , technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice